Leadership Development Program

Strengthen Your Leadership Skills By Mentoring with AAMAS Leaders

AAMAS has a Leadership Development Program to assist qualified and committed individuals in gaining the knowledge and experience needed to step into AAMAS leadership roles. Become an intern and learn how AAMAS is governed by a group of energized medical audit role models/Board Members. An intern in the program may choose to mentor with an Executive Board Member (President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer) or with the Nominating Committee Chair.

The benefits?

  • Gain the knowledge and experience needed to step into leadership roles.
  • Learn to apply effective leadership skills to promote the vision and mission of AAMAS.
  • Earn a $50.00 gift certificate upon completion of the one (1) year commitment.

You will be asked to attend one (1) on-site Board meeting (either the day preceding or the day after the yearly conference) and, three (3) of the monthly conference call Board meetings.

Go beyond your basic obligations and offer your organization useful time and talent. Sign up for the Leadership Development Program TODAY! Contact Mary Knight at vicepresident@aamas.org.