AAMAS Accounting and Finance Webinar

AAMAS got rave reviews for its online accounting course provided in January.  AAMAS Accounting and Finance Webinars is one course presented in a series of three webinars. Participants learn the language of accounting and finance; how to read balance sheets and income statements; how to analyze retained earnings and cash flow statements; how to calculate key financial ratios, and more. The information-packed series has been developed following the accelerated learning model of teaching adults.  Interactive exercises, relevant examples, and attendee participation reinforce learning and keep the sessions fun.  

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This webinar was designed to be presented throughout the year as needed. AAMAS requires a minimum of ten (10) participants prior to scheduling. If you are interested in taking the Accounting and Finance webinar in the future, we will be maintaining an ongoing registration list and once ten (10) registrations are received, we will send out notifications of the next webinar dates and times. Payment will not be required until the webinar is scheduled.

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