We are pleased to let you know that our new AAMAS Member Listserv has been operational for a little over 1 month and has seen some pretty robust activity. This listserv is a place for members to post questions related to auditing and get answers from your peers. It is also a great tool to use to share changes and new information in the auditing world. We encourage all members to take part in the listserv. Please sign up under the members only section on the AAMAS site.

This is a moderated listserv, so all submissions will be reviewed before being approved or denied for posting.


Subscribers/Members FAQ's

How does a member subscribe to or unsubscribe from the listserv?

Clicking here will take you to the AAMAS Members Listserv login page. Once there, log in to the members only section using your member credentials, and follow the instructions as posted.

Please make sure you read the Listserv Acceptable Usage Policy.

How does a subscriber send a message to the listserv?

Subscribers are able to send a message to the listserv by sending an e-mail to with whatever they want to ask. Once a member sends their message, it is forwarded to the listserv moderators for review. The moderator will review the message and will either approve it for posting, or decline it.

How does a message sender know when their message is approved?

The sender of a message to the listserv will get a message in their e-mail once a moderator approves their message. It will read as follows:

Your message dated Wed, 4 Jan 2017 11:42:45 -0600 with subject "Test Message for AAMAS Listserv" has been successfully distributed to the AAMAS-L list (1 recipient).

How does someone view all of the messages on the listserv?

Subscribers will be able to view the archived messages by going to in their browser, or by returning to the Members Only section of the AAMAS website and going to the listserv page in the drop down menu. On that menu is a link to the archived messages. The most recent archived messages are shown at the top and the others will be automatically put in folders by month and year.

How does a subscriber interact with the messages if they want more information from someone who posted a message?

Any subscriber can go to, and log in. Once logged in, subscribers can view the messages and reply if they want more information.

You will note that if you are not logged in, the e-mail address of the sender is hidden for all messages and you will not be able to reply directly to a message. If a subscriber logs in, they will see the e-mail address of the original sender and can then interact as needed. This is for security reasons to protect personal contact information from being seen by non-subscribers. 


Should you have any questions, please contact Paul Rossmann, AAMAS Executive Director at, and he will be glad to assist you.

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